Английский язык 10 класс — Задание№6(стр.11)

GW. Match the adjectives with their halves to describe characters using connectors. Model: Tim is very honest, because he never tells lies. who because and which and but as or that
  1. never stops talking а. honest
  2. doesn’t speak a lot b. jealous
  3. talks to everybody c. sociable
  4. never betrays friends d. talkative
  5. always waits for something calmly e. funny
  6. thinks of new ideas f. cold
  7. never tells lies g. loyal
  8. hates spending money h. imaginative
  9. feels angry about not having what others have i. patient
  10. loves his/her country j. uncommunicative
  11. doesn’t like chatting k. patriotic
  12. has a good sense of humour l. shy
  13. doesn’t like to show emotions m. mean
  ANSWER KEY: a-7 b-9 c-3 d-1 e-12 f-13 g-4 h-6 i-5 j-11 k-10 l-2 m-8

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